Industrial Design Attorney India

Industrial Design Attorney India

What is a Design registration?

Design registration is done for protecting a newly created design from counterfeiting which is applied to an article under an industrial process. By registering the design the creator gets the exclusive rights to use the design for 10 years. The time can also be extended to 5 years.

What all in a design can be registered?

  • The shape, configuration, composition of lines.
  • Pattern or ornament and colors or color combinations applied to any article can be registered under Design Act,2000.

Conditions required for the design to get registered:-

  • The design should be new and original.
  • The design must be visible and should appear in an article.
  • The design must be applied to any article by an industrial process.
  • The design should relate to the configuration, pattern applied to an article.

What IP Rani Provides

IP RANI – The Law Firm provides a full range of services to assist clients in developing and implementing strategic Intellectual capital programs based upon utilization, and enforcement of Design/ Industrial Design which complements their business strategies. We are particularly experienced in obtaining Design protection.

Our patent attorneys counsel clients on the availability of design protection and then prosecute appropriate design applications. Our Patent attorneys have extensive experience in design litigation should our clients be sued, or should they need to protect or assert their designs/ industrial design through litigation or in the India Patent Office.

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