Patent Search

What is a Patent Search?

A patent search is a comprehensive examination of existing patents, patent applications, and other related publications to determine the uniqueness and novelty of an invention. This search is typically conducted before filing a patent application to ensure that the invention is not already patented or disclosed in prior art (existing knowledge or literature).

Role of Patentability Search

A patentability search, also known as a novelty search, plays a crucial role in the patent process:

1. Determining Novelty:
  • Identifies whether an invention is new and has not been previously disclosed or patented.
2. Assessing Non-Obviousness:
  • Helps to evaluate if the invention is sufficiently inventive or non-obvious compared to existing technologies and publications.
3. Understanding Prior Art:
  • Provides insight into the state of the art in the relevant field, allowing inventors to understand the existing landscape of similar technologies.
4. Informing Patent Strategy:
  • Assists inventors and businesses in making informed decisions about whether to pursue a patent application and how to draft the claims to distinguish the invention from prior art.
5. Reducing Legal Risks:
  • Identifies potential legal risks, such as infringement on existing patents, which can save time and resources by avoiding invalid or contentious patents.

Why is a Patentability Search Important?

1. Avoiding Infringement:
  • Conducting a thorough patent search can help avoid potential legal issues by ensuring that the invention does not infringe on existing patents. This minimizes the risk of costly litigation.
2.  Cost and Time Efficiency:
  • A patent search can prevent the expenditure of resources on filing a patent application for an invention that is not novel. It saves time and money by identifying non-patentable inventions early in the process.
3. Improving Patent Quality:
  • By understanding prior art, inventors can draft stronger patent applications with more precise and defensible claims, increasing the likelihood of obtaining a patent grant.
4. Strategic Planning:
  • Provides valuable information for strategic business planning, such as identifying potential competitors, understanding market trends, and finding opportunities for improvement or innovation in existing technologies.
5. Enhancing Patent Portfolio:
  • Helps in building a robust patent portfolio by identifying gaps in existing technologies and areas where new patents can provide competitive advantages.
6. Investor Confidence:
  • A well-conducted patent search can boost investor confidence by demonstrating due diligence and the potential for securing strong intellectual property rights.
7. Guiding Research and Development:
  • Informs the direction of ongoing research and development efforts by highlighting areas of technological innovation that have not yet been explored.


  • A patent search is an essential step in the patent application process, aimed at determining the novelty and non-obviousness of an invention. The role of a patentability search is to assess the patentability of an invention by examining prior art and existing patents. This search is crucial for avoiding infringement, saving time and resources, improving the quality of patent applications, informing strategic planning, enhancing patent portfolios, boosting investor confidence, and guiding research and development efforts. Conducting a thorough patent search is a prudent investment that can significantly increase the chances of securing valuable and enforceable patent rights.

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