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FSSAI Registration

FSSAI Registration

Apply For FSSAI | Food License Online Registration

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is the legal body that provides catering for the licenses of all food business operators (FBOs) in India. All FBOs must comply with all FSSAI food quality control regulations and instructions.
Because an FBO license is required by the FSSAI or register, it all depends on certain factors like production size, management and food type, types of activities and different activities. When registering the FSSAI, the FBO must receive a 14-digit number, which will be used for printing and packaging.
FSSAI Registration ensures the security of food products and it is essentially a food safety certificate circulated by the food authority in India. All the manufacturers, traders, restaurants, grocery shops, importers and exporters, etc. are eligible for issuing an FSSAI Licence. FSSAI Licensing assures that food products undergo specific quality checks, thereby decreasing the cases of adulteration, substandard products.
IP RANI provides FSSAI Registration Online Services and licenses all over India. We can help you to get an FSSAI License which can enhance the quality of your food if you are interested in the food business.

Types of FSSAI license

Businesses engaged in food activities are required to apply to obtain a food license, which can be of various types depending on the size of the firm’s turnover and the nature of the business. Food types FSSAI distribution type as shown below:

1.  FSSAI registration base 

FSSAI registration services for Food business operators (FBO’s) that are small and medium-sized businesses or startups. Their annual turnover is at least Rs 12 lakh. The registration database can be updated depending on your company’s sales schedule and performance. 


2.  FSSAI State License 

FSSAI State license for small and medium-sized businesses. Their annual turnover is more than Rs 12 lakh, and it is already RS 20 crore. State licenses can be added even before the basic license, as it all depends on your company’s sales and performance. 


3. Central Office of the FSSAI

The central FSSAI licenses are applied by FBO, which is a large business, with an annual turnover that is above Rs 20 crore. If necessary, it will be necessary to provide state-owned enterprises or import/export food products.  

Benefits of applying for FSSAI Registration Online

  • Consumer Awareness – All FBOs must know that an FSSAI Licence adds the benefit of a reliable & loyal customer base.
  • Legal Advantage – FSSAI Registration is done under the regulatory body FSSAI, and legal action can be taken for any non-compliance. 
  • FSSAI Logo – FSSAI logo is a mark of validity and an assurance to your consumers that the food is safe to consume.
  • Business Expansion – The goodwill of the Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) will make a business available and effortless to expand.

Procedure for obtaining a food license

You can make it so that this FSSA can apply directly to the government. This process is lengthy and requires 60 days to complete:

Step 1: Fill the FSSAI licensing registration form A on the FSSAI website and make the payment for the FSSAI application at the FBO which is nearby your locality.

Step 2: Once the payment confirmation is reflected in your FSSAI account, you need to file Form B with the government. Some multiple declarations and resolutions need to be filed with your application. E.g., board resolution, owner self-declaration. These declarations should ideally be prepared by a company secretary.

Step 3: You will then need to follow up with the government department for an update on your application. The government may send back your application for edits – if you fail to respond with 30 days of the application, then your application will be rejected.

Step 4: The government department will take 45-60 working days to completely review your application and approve the same. Else, you can hire IP RANI for getting the FSSAI license for you. We get licenses issued in 96% of our cases and save our customers from all the government hassles. In certain situations, customers might need to visit the Food department or pay additional fees to the inspector.

Required Documents for Registration

  1. Declaration form
  2. Authority letter
  3. Copy of Property paper (If owned property)
  4. Copy of Rent agreement (If rented property)
  5. Food Safety Management System plan or certificate
  6. Electricity/ Water bill (Business Place)
  7. Copy of Aadhaar Card/ Voter identity card of Proprietor/ Partners/ Director
  8. Form IX: Nomination of Persons by a Company along with the Board Resolution

FSSAI License Number

FSSAI logo and the FSSAI license number are always mentioned on the food package label in the changing color on the back. In the case of various units, manufacturers or packers, the FSSAI logo and product owner’s license number must be indicated on the food package label. The addresses of the various units on the label must have an FSSAI license number.
In the case of imported food products, the importer must display the FSSAI logo and the FSSAI license number bearing the name and address of the importer. Both can be printed on a label or pasted on a sticker before custom approval. The height of the letters and license plate numbers will be as prescribed in 2.3.3 Food Safety and Standards for Signal Management and Label Regulation, 2011.
Regulation 2.6.1 Security and Standards comply with the current FSSAI license number and logo. The image of the FSSAI logo on the food product label is not a certificate mark but implies that the FBO includes a valid license under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.
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